In 2018, I coined the hashtag #blackgirlsbeachtoo in an effort to cultivate a space within social media where black women could freely and confidently love on themselves and each other. I wanted to also encourage discussions regarding the way black women are treated, viewed, sexualized and threatened. Further, it was also an opportunity to exchange positive experiences of delight and confidence that we have surrounding enjoying the beach. Beach access, the disparity of who gets to enjoy luxury in The Bahamas and the Caribbean are also a focus of this ongoing campaign.

It is my hope that this project sparks meaningful conversations, introspective thoughts and joy. Most of all, I hope that it inspires self love in black women, because in this world, that in itself, is a radical act.

A special thank you to every single woman that participated in this shoot; Natasha, Chase, Shaunna, Shola, Courtney & Ife, I appreciate and respect you all. Thank you for taking the time out of your life to do something that is not only meaningful to me, but is also inspiring to other women.

Thank you to our amazing makeup artists:
GlamHer By Ge-Ah

Sintique Beauty

you made us feel so beautiful!

Last, but certainly not least, a huge THANK YOU to BLAIR J MEADOWS

our photographer.

You are so gifted and your talent is effortless. These images are iconic and impactful. Thank you.

P.S. Each of the women shared very insightful quotes on what this project means for them, so, don't forget to click the images to read their captions. Also, I wanna challenge you to use #blackgirlsbeachtoo whenever you hit the beach, pool, jacuzzi...or cool swimsuit photos on your porch or room (since we're still on quarantine in many places lol)