8 things I LOVED (and DIDN'T) in the Cayman Islands!

If being a Travel Digger is wrong, I don't wanna be right!

Last week Thursday, I got a message from my Team Sky Bahamas fam that they there were making a trip to The Cayman Islands, and that if I wanted, I could join...of course I said, "HECK YEAH!".

1. That ugly,trout mouth, frowsy heffa Hurricane Irma was headed straight for my country and any opportunity to avoid that was welcomed. 2. I LOVE traveling and I'm not afraid to go anywhere at anytime. This was a no brainer for me.

I had two hours to pack and get to the airport....

Whew! But I made it. I spent 4 nights in Grand Cayman at the Wyndham Reef Resort and here's a list of things I loved and didn't realllllly feel too much during my stay.

1.Serenity Now!

Cayman is definitely a place you could get your Eat, Pray, Love and run away from your real life and family members you can't stand, on. It's extremely PRISTINE, quiet and gives an overall peaceful island vibe. There's not a lot of traffic (except when you get into Georgetown around 5pm). The beaches are nice and things are definitely at an island pace. Not tons of fast food and American franchises (which I liked) and there was always a cool breeze near by to lull you to sleep. And can we talk about the sunsets? They were absolutely #NoFilter make all ur friends hate u on instagram worthy!

2. Dem Caymanians

The people on this island are super warm, easy going and polite and NOT just on the hotel property. That's my favorite thing about island ppl on the whole - no matter where u go in the Caribbean, you see this special kinda warmth and open heartededness expressed. Oooo and can we talk about their accent? They got that slow singing sexy drawlllll going onnnnn.

3. White Tip Lager

I have this thing where I HAVE to try the local beer or rum whenever I travel somewhere new and Cayman was no different. There were two types offered to me: White Tip Lager and Caybrew and WTL came out on top, IMO. Not only was it refreshing and had a great flavor, I found out it's the world's 1st conservation beer.

4. Turn Down Town!

Speaking of drinking. I'd have to say as young 20-something, Cayman is not the town I'd come to do anything other than relaxing. THE BARS CLOSE @ MIDNIGHT ON SATURDAY.

I'm like "but da pahtee just lickin' off at 12" LOL. Not that I'm some raging club goer, but when I travel I do enjoy checking out the night life scene, grabbing some drinks and mugglin' for a lil bit. We went to a bar called Havana Club and literally at 5 minutes to midnight, they started turning off all the lights and giving out to go cups. Like"yall better wrap this TF up!" Alsoooooo on Sunday, nothing is basically open.Some locals explained to me that it was basically because of the religious culture of the island, which coming from The Bahamas, I got.*shrug* Guess ya gotta do ya duttyness indoors after 12 :(

5. Mix up like conch salad!

Speaking of the locals, I enjoyed the diversity of the people I met living there. Hondurans, Filipinos, Jamaicans, Caymanians, Brits - seems like Cayman got it's only little melting pot going on and I was here for it!

6. Exchange Rate

Ooooo lawd, last week I was in Bali where the U.S. dollars I had were like $13,000 so I was living like Queen Elizabeth herself.

In Cayman?

....eh, not so much! LOL. One Cayman dollar is equal to $1.22 USD. And not only is their dollar value greater, even though there is no tax included in ur regular bills, things still aint cheap either. I'm guessing cause they import a lot of stuff, as most of us Caribbean islanders have to do. I went on a tour of the Crystal Caves and it was damn near $50.00!

7. The MAJESTIC Cayman Crystal Caves

I almost didn't go cause I was like, "FIDDDY DOLLLARSSSSS? To have to drive ourselves to the beginning? Then walk in the hot sun? And no free rum punch? When I just did a tour in Bali for 30 bucks with pick up and lunch? SMT."

BUT I heard it was a must see and I was already there, so I did it. And I can say it was WORTH it for me.

The tour lasted almost 2 hours and our guide Andre was the bomb. He was very casual but still very knowledgeable and gave a lot of good information about the caves and about The Cayman Islands. oooooo and His accent....

Anyways, the Caves weres spectacular to look at. It got very hot at times and a couple people did trip, so be careful when you go (they are open 7 days a week 9am-4pm and you HAVE to book a tour) , but it was AMAZING.

8. TURTLESSSSS- I can't eat em now that I've pet em'

One of the 1st things I was told when I got to Cayman was that I HAVE to have Turtle Stew and that it's only served on Saturday or Sunday around certain times. It's really popular apparently and goes quick. I like trying freaky foods. BUT....

I ended up paying a visit to the Cayman Turtle Centre (it was $18 for the basic pass that gave access to the turtle pond, touch tanks, saltwater lagoon. The $45 pass gave access to an aviary, nature trail and mini water park) seeing the turtles and falling in love, so I just felt bad about getting the stew later....so I didn't lol. The Turtle Centre is open Monday-Sunday 8am-5pm, btw, if ur ever in Cayman!


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