Let's be real, Instagram can be a reaaaaaaally trapsy place. One can easily get sidetracked or sucked into a pointless vortex of magical detox teas, struggle plates, Kardashian Klan appropriation activities and CAPS LOCK WARS in the comments section of #TheShadeRoom.

BUT, your timeline CAN also be a source of information and inspiration...IF you're following the right people! I absolutely love c̶r̶e̶e̶p̶i̶n̶g̶ following young women who are a) in similar fields as me b) of a positive attitude and mindset and c) have different kinds of success stories that give me something to aspire to!

Here's a special list of a few women that every girl boss in training or woman who wants to do great things should TOTALLY FOLLOW RIGHT NOW for a daily dose of inspiration and boss babe magic!

@Kelawalker 💃🏾


Kéla Walker is an Insta girl boss favorite because she is the definition of hustle!!! The six time nominated producer and TV host is on that “I gotta press her post notifications” type level. Her personality is so high energy and she’s CONSTANTLY giving insight and information about her various projects such as Her #SlayForLife fitness and wellness events and classes she has with Robert Brace! Her Instagram stories are filled with moments of her running around in NYC doing interviews on red carpets and just living her purpose and dream. I often wonder, does this woman sleep?! Not only is Kéla always on her grind (she's worked with Essence, Revolt Tv, Madame Noire), I value the fact that her content online is very well balanced, as she often shares her thoughts and experiences about working in media, faith, wellness and oh, laaaawd can we talk about the fashions??!! Jnhdjscyhsdungjngj!!!! CAPES WERE MADE FOR HER and the hair is alwayssss laid!

@Jazziebelletv 🎤

She’s dynamic and has a larger than life personality that can turn heads in any room. And trust me, I know because she’s the only person on this list that I’ve had the pleasure of being in the same room with! Jazziebelle is a Radio Host on SiruisXm where she holds her own with the notorious DJ Kay Slay on his iconic Streetsweeper Radio show. She’s also a tv host that’s been on networks like BET, Centric, VH1 and even the Wendy Williams show! This gyal right here is the definition of a strong woman! What I love is that her timeline is not just pretty pics (although there are tons with her lookin’ fieeeerce) or snapshots of what she’s doing in the media world; she uses her social media platform to speak the honest truth (she does not beat around the bush) and to inspire. Recently, she was a victim of cyber hacking and bullying where some ass wipe leaked personal photos of hers.😡 What did Miss Jazzibelle do? She didn’t retreat or give up, she used her situation and her following to start an ANTI-Bullying initiative. Now if that aint a BOSS BABE move, I dunno what is! She’s all about the F word (feminism) and even has a podcast that focuses exclusively on women in the hip hop industry, called "Women In Hip Hop Podcast with Jazzie Belle"

@Heygorjess ✨

Beauty & Fashion blogger, jet setter and best friend in your head! Jessica Franklin is curly girl ray of sunshine for your timeline. Her feed is a perfectly curated visual feast of sickening style snapshots and wanderlust moments in the beautiful Caribbean or Europe that will have you wanting to pack your bags and start a new life. However, she’s a totally approachable and sweet lady. She’s the Instagram girl next door, if the girl next door worked with major brands like KIA, Adidas and Macy's. She’s also been featured on Elle.com, Essence.com, TeenVogue.com and Glamour Magazine. But don't think for a second its been all glitz and glamor for her. Following her story, I've learned that she's been working at this since 2013 after she quit her 9-5 job and decided to be #FullTimeMe --GOAL$ AF!

@Jstlbby 💅🏽

Just Livin' Baby aka Amber Wagner keeps it all the way real and has more colorful and dope wigs than I have pairs of socks. Need I say more? If you need a comedic and/or inspirational boost, you need to be tappin’ that follow button right now. Her down to earth convos have gotten the cosign from Nicki Minaj. What I love about this lady is that she’s high key empowering persons to be unapologetically themselves just by doing it herself! In her daily video posts, it's like one of my BFFs talking to me. She’s not pretending to be perfect or have it all figured out and she's afraid to laugh at herself, or situations in life. Plus, she’s open to sharing her moments of growth with everyone who peeps her feed. And if I Didn’t make this clear, she’s funny AF without even trying.

@Charmsie 👗

In a social media world where everyone wants to appear perfectly "on brand" with the perfect body, perfectly facetuned teeth and a hair never out of place, Charmaine Daudu is a much needed breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, this DIY Queen, Proud Momma and Wife, Blogger and Bajan Beauty (did you really think I wasn’t gonna have an island gyal on this list? Pssshhhh) has some sickening style moments. And she's had the major partnerships with major brands like Clairol and Dove to prove it. HOWEVER, she keeps it super real. Her captions give me LIFE, TBH. She’s not the typical style blogger that just posts pictures of herself looking on the floor “candidly”with some obscure DRAKE song caption. She shares relatable details about her life to the point that you feel like you really know her and her family (Hi, baby Zen!) She chats about bad hair days, postpartum challenges and more. In fact her captions are usually super lengthy but I love that she provides DEPTH to a platform that can often be saturated with a lot of FAKE.

There ya have it! Now get to showing these ladies some love and being inspired at the same damn time. Your Insta feed and motivation levels will thank you. Oh, you're welcome. I do accept fruit baskets. K. Bye.

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