IS BALI on your travel bucket list? Do you imagine yourself exploring the majestic waterfalls and rice terraces? You should be! "Is it super expensive?" "Where should I stay?"

All valid questions and now you get a peek into my real ititnerary that hopefully helps you to answer these questions!

My BALI BLISS vlog series shares my entire experience with you all on Youtube (If you haven't seen, ALL ELEVEN LOL, vlogs, click that link, boothang!) but I thought I'd use this post as a way to share more specicifc details about the vacay!

Lots of people asked me "How expensive was the trip?" or "What Air BnB did you use?" Well, you can now get a peek into all of that by CLICKING HERE!! I used to lay it all out and share key parts of my personal itinerary. Travefy, by the way, is a great resource for organizing trips especially if you're traveling in a group! I hope my itinerary helps to give you some guidance for when you plan your BALI trip!

Anddd check out some of my personal pics from the trip below!

Show some love and leave a comment! xo

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