You'd prefer to hear that weird nasaly "knuck knuck" sound people with sinus issues make ON LOOP than to hear your co-workers talk about what they did last night. You dread waking up to go into your office in the morning. You feel yourself sinking and suffocating. Sometimes, in the conference room, you have "That's So Raven" moments when your foresee yourself yelling "SHUT THE F*CK UP!" to your manager at insane decibels, then burning the place down to the ground while roasting marshmallows.

You have a passion for something else and a vision for the true career you want to make for yourself. You're ready to quit your job. Hey, I get it. I've been there. This week, I'm celebrating a whole year of quitting my job. I've always known what I REALLY wanted to do and It's BEEN GOOD for me.....

BUTTTTTTTTT before you get too excited and say "See? She did it! And He did it! Imma do it too!" Imma share some things you should know if you do made the (WELL THOUGHT OUT) decision to work for yourself.

1.You’ll be working more hours

Working for yourself is NOT about having ALL the free time in the world to do what you want....on the contrary. YOU WILL NEED TO GO THE EXTRA MILE by investing the time and money to make your business or brand successful.

I've often heard it said that most new businesses fail within the first 5 years or less. I dunno about you but I'm determined AS FARK to NOT be in that group. It requires having a great idea, product, strategy BUT ALSO GOOD OLD FASHIONED HARD WORK. Time is literally MONEY and the more time you put back into your business the more you get back. Expect a lot of LATE NIGHTS and EARLY MORNINGS. Yes, you'll still have some more flexibility. Hell, if I'm honest, my work day doesn't start until 11am a lot of the times (but then again that's cause I'm usually up until 2am DOING MY GOT DAMN WORK. Don't get it twisted, you should still have an organized schedule and deadlines that need to be made just like any other job, the only difference is, YOU ARE SETTING the schedule and deadlines and you're the one being held accountable if shit hits the fan!

2. You May Have To Cut Down On Those Brunch Dates With Friends

The $30 you're used to spending on "All You Can Drink" mimosas special every weekend could go into your social media advertising budget! Just saying! Flexin' for the gram and your friends may have to take a back seat. BUDGETING is gonna be LIFE OR DEATH. You will have to make wise decisions because guess what? That sure $800.00 a week you got from your 9-5 won't be there anymore. Now, hopefully before you quit, you had money saved to keep you cushioned and to provide capital for your business idea. PLEASE DO NOT QUIT WITHOUT HAVING MONEY SAVED AND A BUSINESS PLAN. However, it still remains that how you spend your money has the ability to make or break you. At the very least, for me, I try to ensure that at least 15% of any gig or sponsorship I receive goes into savings. And it's NOT only about money, BUT again...TIME is vital. I've turned down weekends out because I knew that I had content to edit or a photoshoot in the morning and I wanted to look fresh!

3. You'll Need To Be a "Jack Of ALL TRADES"

I have tons of friends who in the past 3 years have ventured out into entrepreneurship in different fields and this is something that I've seen all of us experience! There's more than a good chance that when you first start out, you won't have the budget to hire a full time assistant, lawyer, photographer, accountant, videographer, website designer, graphic designer, marketing manager etc. You will have to pick up skills that may not have to do anything with your passion. I've had to learn how to edit videos, record videos, set up lighting, make posters, write contracts--BUT OH THANK GOD for Google and Youtube University. You have NO EXCUSE. Everything is online and LOTS of resources are FREE.99

4. You're Gonna Be ALONE A lot.

I hope this isn't depressing for anyone or anything, BUT the truth is, NO ONE will ever fight for or be AS concerned for YOUR DREAM as YOU. READ THAT 30 times and let it sink in. Your decision to work for yourself will reveal a lot about who is truly a part of your support system or not. Now, initially people may express happiness or some level of interest, but that "overwhelming support" dies off pretty often. Friends that are supposed to be rooting for you, don't wanna pay for your services, they don't wanna refer you, they don't share your business, service or content on social media, but share a celebrity they don't know.

Aint that a BITCH! But it's not all doom and gloom, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that strangers can be super supportive and that's really rewarding. But you can't expect people to constantly be your personal cheerleader. After all, are you making this decision for your friends and family or for you? And sometimes it won't even be about lack of support, sometimes you just won't have the time and that MAY create a little distance from your old activities etc. However, I doooooo advise that you don't allow yourself to get swallowed into workaholic hermit mode-- schedule time to do self care or fun activities at least twice a month. From my experience overworking yourself and being isolating yourself too much can lead to feeling anxiety and crying outbursts over dinner at The Island House restaurant...wait...what? Uh...forget I mentioned that....


Puh-leeeese do not quit on a whim. AND THIS IS COMING from an IMPULSIVE GEMINI WOMAN! HAVE A PLAN. I have experienced the pain of not having a plan BUT I learned from it. So, before I quit my job I was planning for at least 4 months. I was saving. I was plotting. Put together a REAL BUSINESS PLAN. If you don't know what that looks like. You're reading this blog on the internet right now, so you have no excuse, GOOGLE IT!!!!! And also, very important, seek counsel whether that be from your priest, rabbi, mentor or someone who's already doing what you want to do. Don't be afraid to ask questions and get advice. Why make a mistake when you can learn from someone else's and avoid it? Ultimately what you decide is up to you, but seeing a difference of perspective from a trusted and wise person doesn't hurt either.

I hope this was helpful and I hope you leave a comment :) Oh and I've also posted a VLOG RECAP about some OTHER things I've learned and experienced since leaving my job. CHECK IT OUT!

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