4 Ways to Cope when you're not Home For the Holidays

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We all look forward to the holidays to unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to spend time with family. Since I moved to the UK three years ago, I would count down the days until Christmas vacation so that I could go home. My friends in the U.K. would usually laugh at me because they knew when I came in September I would already have my ticket booked to go home for December. Well, that won't be the case this year, as I'll be staying in the U.K. for Christmas.

So as I try to cope, I’d like to help you do the same! Here are some tips for coping with not being home for Christmas.

1. Celebrate with the people around you:

It is important to not isolate yourself during this season. This is a time for cheer and being alone may make you feel even more depressed about not being able to go home for the holidays. Go out with your friends or even spend Christmas with their families. You can even throw a Christmas dinner or party with your friends who are also staying near you during the holiday season. I have a friend who hosts her friends every Christmas and they make lots of food, play games and watch holiday movies. Appreciate the people that you have around you and enjoy the time that you have with them.

2. Stay in contact with your family:

Even though you may not be physically present with your family members during the holiday, they’re only a phone call away. I’m sure seeing the smiles on your family’s face will put a smile on yours. Finding out what your sister or brother got your parents for Christmas or finding out that your little cousin got the iPhone 11 while you’re still rocking with your iPhone 6s or 7 will definitely make you laugh. Despite not being able to go home for Christmas, it is important to still remain in contact with your family. Call or text your favourite family member and let them know how you’re doing.

3. Attend local events:

There are many events that take place during the holiday season to get people in the holiday spirit. Some cities have tree lighting ceremonies, Christmas concerts and even Christmas Markets or fairs. Birmingham has a vibrant Christmas market with great food and London has Winter Wonderland with tons of rides. If you’re not feeling the Christmas spirit because you’re far away from home, attending events such as these will definitely be the boost you need to lift your spirits and help you get into the holiday cheer.

4. Treat yourself: After all, it is Christmas! Take yourself shopping. What did you have on your Christmas list this year? Go out and buy yourself a Christmas gift. It could be as small as a scented candle or as large and expensive as a Louis Vuitton bag. You can be as frugal or as fancy as you want. Just because no one may be around to buy you something doesn’t mean you can’t buy yourself something. Whatever your pocket can afford, go out and treat yourself because you deserve it. You survived 2019 and all the stresses that came with it so you definitely deserve to be treated.

Not being home for the holidays can be very sad but the holidays are meant to be a happy time. Hopefully, these tips can help you to have a happy holiday even though you’re not home.

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