Hey there! I'm TAP! Ever since I've known myself, creativity and using entertainment as a way to connect with others has been second nature. Growing up on a tiny island in The Bahamas, I was struggling to find consistent outlets to share my ideas with the world, until I haphazardly and unknowingly started making video blogs on Facebook ten years ago. These videos quickly started to take off and two years ago, I decided to kiss the 9-5 world good bye and become "full time me".

Today I'm a lifestyle influencer, on camera personality and creative; simply put...a creator at heart! Whether it's through a video blog, song, blog post, or one of my original tv series, I've been able to use my energy, tongue in cheek expressions and (hopefully) authentic commentary and  approach to reach a community of thousands, millions of times over through my various creative projects. I'm looking forward to sharing more with you on this very special hub, here's to living "unafraid, unashamed and unf*ckwithable!"